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The Guidelines of Improv Create Positive Life Skills -

Personal and Professional

Will Farrell, Tina Fey, Seth Rogan and Kristen Wigg all have one thing in common: Improvisation Techniques.  They, like the casts of SNL, Second City, Whose Line Is It Anyway and hundreds of favorite television, movie and stage performers, are experts in the extraordinary rules and tools of improvisational success.

Renny Temple, providing rare, first-hand experience as an actor and director of stage and television for over thirty years, was also Founder, Actor, Director and Writer of WAR BABIES, a multi-award-winning Improvisational Theater Company in New York and Los Angeles.  Renny teaches the secret “making it up” techniques that heighten both Stage and Life skills

Wait! "Life skills" and Improvisation?   Really?  Absolutely!  Here are comparisons of

Traits Employers Look For In Employees and Traits of Happy People

Added are the Benefits Achieved With Improv.

Note how they work together!

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Renny  TemplE

 Teaching Artist

Co-Founder of critically acclaimed WAR BABIES Improvisational Theater Company

An  Illuminating, Entertaining  Interactive
Seminar / Workshop Experience
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For Stage; For Life --

A Win-Win!

The  Ultimate
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Colleges & Schools:

Create confidence & communication skills.

Empowerment  for school and life beyond.


Reinforcing, refocusing, and refreshing the team through positive, collaborative encouragement

Life  is  improvisation !

​Improvisation  has  rules  For  Success

Life is improvised - no cue cards; no script. 

            Secrets making stage-improv successful make life-improv exceptional!

Overcome life's "stage fright."





Be Confident -- Capable  -- Creative.

Learn and Experience the incredibly powerful framework of improv techniques ---

not just for stage, but to equip you to freely and positively interact 

in personal and business settings.


Step into any situation and Make a real difference

in the quality of your life and the lives of others.

The greatest improvisational companies, past and present – Second City; War Babies;

The Committee; The Compass Players; Upright Citizens Brigade; The Groundlings

and a dozen others – know the rules to consistently achieve

amazingly successful results.

"A lecture will never accomplish what an experience will."

Private Groups and Associations:

 All of the above!

Change your narrative - in a unique and entertaining way.

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It's Here! It's Now! 
The Best!

Bend, OR - a new Theater Company !!

The Company presents authentic and hilarious improvisational theater based on audience suggestions, with a sprinkling of comedy sketches. 

No show is ever the same!

Every other

Tuesday Night at 8 pm

Oct 12 & 26 / Nov 9 & 23

Dec 7 & 21

Open Space Events Studio


Real Improv -  Real Laughs -

Great Theater


Learning The Unique Tools of Improvisation for Everyday Success

Let's remember:  Life is improvisation.  Every day, words are spoken, ideas shared and actions taken in the moment, unrehearsed.  The common perception is that improvisation is just “making things up.” The reality is that comedy improvisation has formal rules and structure guiding players forward to success.  These same guidelines create positive personal change.  Remove "stage fright" from your life!


As a Teaching Artist, I empower participants to apply these tangible tools to daily obstacles and stresses.  Audience members may become improv players through fun, powerful and revealing games and exercises.  From playing and listening come benefits to apply to each stage of life - work, academic and personal. 


Benefits of Improvisation:  

Enhanced Decision-Making    Thinking Under Pressure

Strengthened Confidence        Team-Building Skills

 Inspired Trust & Courage           Sharpened Creativity

  Focused Communication & Listening Skills

My objective is not to make you funny or to train you to be a stage performer - but it could happen!  Rather, these entertainment concepts - the distinctive rules of improvisation - provide a bridge connecting creative power, communication skills and problem-solving to leap hurdles.  In business, build an energized productive team.  In person, overcome fears, indecision and create an honest relationship with your surroundings.

I confess, however, this seminar also has a fair amount of laughs --while providing direction, clarity and motivation.  


That’s what I bring to the table...

War Babies - Mayfair Theater
 - Improvising a Musical ... Act I
Improv People.jpg
- Improvising an opera  

From forming the multi-awarded, critically acclaimed WAR BABIES Improvisational Theater Company to Acting on stage and on television to Starring in nearly one hundred commercials to Directing television shows (It's Garry Shandling's Show; Growing Pains; Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Head of the Class, Empty Nest and others) to Writing award-winning Screenplays,  I created a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with others. 

WAR BABIES was a preeminent Improvisational Theater Company in the 70's through 80's, breaking new ground first in New York and then in Los Angeles.  The group developed new ideas in the concept and performance of Improvisation.  The company launched careers and always remained a home for the actors to return to between

movie, television and stage appearances.

..... How I Got Here .....

I am not a theoretician.   I'm not a scholar.  Nor am I an observer.

I am a primary source.  I have lived the experiences that create knowledge.



"… WAR BABIES was hilarious. The actors were improvising, and my mind was going with them. It was like an oven whose pilot has burned out, and suddenly the pilot is lit. …  That show changed my life.  I was so excited. ... A week later I joined Second City."       -   Martin Short / Time Magazine 

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"Renny is a fantastic teacher -- engaging, funny, entertaining, and yet gracious with our mistakes ... Learn improv from an experienced Hollywood actor/director, have fun, and gain new life skills."  -- Michael S.

“They were the best!” – LA Times

"... a great opportunity to be in a safe place and challenge your inner dialogue of “Shouldn’t and couldn’t.”  A group of strangers become your biggest supporters as together we navigated the uncharted waters of improv with Renny guiding the crew. We practiced new and challenging improv skills - laughing all the way." -- Elizabeth A.

"Renny created a welcoming and safe space for me to learn, practice and grow. Having never taken an improv class before, it was definitely outside of my comfort zone.  It was truly an incredible experience and as a result have become a better speaker and communicator. I highly recommend this class!" ... Melissa K.

"Renny is the best! I miss class already!!" -- Janette W.

"Renny gracefully led a large class of beginning improv students through the basics and did so with a well-balanced blend of example, instruction, participation, and feedback.   Everyone seemed to gain confidence on some level.   New concepts and new ways of thinking were introduced in a playful and entertaining way, then put into practice with full participation by everyone in the class.   While it was a lot of fun, the class did not omit coaching and constructive criticism necessary for raising awareness and fostering growth.   I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a safe way to incorporate more imagination and play into their lives, to ease mild social anxiety, or to experience the freedom of taking a step without knowing where your feet are going to land."   -- Robb M.

Renny’s workshop drew a sharp focus to traits of improvisers that very closely match my personal philosophy.    I knew my limited previous improv experience was helpful in helping me think quickly on my feet and to be 'present,' but never attributed my ease at 'chaos' or uncertain environment to improv techniques. That was a valuable lesson to learn.” 

                         --  Todd Looby / Executive Director - BendFilms

Norman Lear
Garry Marshall

Renny is a terrific speaker and gave a great presentation to our team.  A real pleasure.   He knocked it out of the ballpark!

Chris Johnson

Senior Events Planner


 I had the pleasure of hiring Renny Temple to direct episodes on several comedy series that I was producing. He always came into the show prepared … a confident presence on stage guiding our cast through the week.  His background as a seasoned actor in comedy always gave our cast the reassurance that their performances were being elevated on a daily basis.

... Vic Kaplan


Joel Zwick

Renny is a fabulous improviser and director. He is a wealth of information & talent!

Helaine Lembeck
Teacher & Artistic Director
Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop

“A delectable evening of entertainment.” – Hollywood Reporter

"The audience throws out cues and (WAR BABIES) apply their wit and skill, and the results are attested by the wild reaction."

...The Village Voice

Actor/Director/Writer/Co-Founder:  WAR BABIES
critically acclaimed, award winning
improvisational theater company 
(New York and Los Angeles)






Syndicated Programs:  OUT OF THIS WORLD, THROB, LASSIE, TRIBES and others

Director of New York and Los Angeles stage productions, including The Works of War

Babies: A Retrospective; La Brea Tar Pits; Goddess of Mystery; and Choices


New York and Los Angeles – Stage/Television/Films

Series Star – The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts

Guest Star - dozens of television shows, including Emmy-winning episode of “All in the Family”

Nearly one hundred national/local television commercials

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For more history, videos and information, please Google:  LinkedIn Renny Temple /  Renny Temple  / War Babies Improv 


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